Application Instructions

First-Time Applicants:

For the LOI application, click here and select the "Create New Account" option on the Logon Page.  Enter the required information, your email address, and a password. Click on "Apply" and then the "Grant Cycle - LOI" link.  Please note the following:

  • Make note of the email and password you choose, as it will enable you to access the system for future grant reports, applications, etc.
  • If your grant writing is outsourced, please create your account, and provide the grant writer with the login credentials to your account.  The contract grant writer should not use your organization's sign-in account for other organizations' applications.
  • The same email address cannot be used for more than one organization.
  • You will be prompted to enter your organization's taxpayer identification number, and that number will be checked against the IRS database.

Returning Applicants:

If you have previously created an account and are eligible to submit another grant request, click here.  Enter your organization's email address and password, and click "Log On".  Do not click on the "Grant Cycle - LOI" if you are a returning applicant.  Enter the access code (provided via email) on the top of the page to access the "Grant Cycle - Full Application" process.  While completing the online application, you may save it and return to it as often as needed.  When you have completed the application, click "Submit", and you will receive an email confirmation.